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Wire mesh decking...

Wire mesh shelves to fit over beams


What is CIS

installation service available on this itemStak Deck - Wire Mesh Decking

Wire mesh Decking from Stakrak Ltd, the mesh specialist.

Wire Mesh Decking allows for cost effective, fire safe storage of Pallets.

Decking is easily installed by slotting over racking beams, providing instant conversion into flexible shelving.

Offering up to 1000kg distributed load per panel, not only is this solution lightweight but also extremely strong for any situation.

Key benefits over timber or plywood:

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Dust free and hygienic
  • Suitable for all applications including refrigeration and freezers
  • Insurance compliant
  • Even weight distribution
  • Mesh construction Allows for:
    • Increased visibility for forklift truck drivers
    • Cooling and air flow
    • Sprinkler flow in event of fire


We now offer two main decks, painted or BZP, available in depths of 900mm or 1100mm.

D910 X W 1320 mm D1110 X W1080 mm D1110 X W1320 mm


Painted Powder Coating

Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and wearing than other finishes.

Bwire mesh deckingZP - Bright Zinc Plating

BZP (Bright Zinc Plating) involves zinc metal being electrodeposited onto components.

It is the most economical and commonly used finish to protect steel parts from corrosion.

Tech Specs:

100 x 50 x 5mm mesh.

Reinforced with up to 4 support bars.

38mm waterfall on rear and front to prevent slipping.



For a 2700mm beam length please order 2 x 1320mm width.
For a 3600mm beam length please order 2 x 1118mm and 1 x 1320mm width.

number of standard size decks you will need for each level
Don’t forget to specify whether you require 910mm or 1110mm deep!
Beam length mm Panel quantity required (1118mm width) Panel quantity required (1320mm width)
1350 1
2250 2
2700 2
3350 3 0
3600 2 1
3900 1 2

Optional Clip dividers are available.

Please click here to get in touch with us with quantities and sizes for a more accurate delivered quote.

Note: All Prices are Net EX Works - Delivery cost extra - TBA

Please contact us for delivery costs, specifying quantity and sizes of deck required together with a delivery post code.


Unit Prices for Wire Mesh Panels - £

Note. All prices are Net ex works and do not include VAT.  Please contact Stakrak Ltd on 01293 538822 or e-mail for delivery costs quoting quantity and sizes of decks required together with a delivery postcode

50+ POA
For Racking 1100mm deep.      
W1040 X D1110mm - 4 Bar 1000kg   POA  
W1320 X D1110MM - 4 Bar 1000kg   POA  
For Racking 900mm Deep  
W1320 X D910 - 3 Bar 1000kg
H300 X D900mm Divider  
H300 X D1100mm Divider  
For Racking 1100mm Deep
W1040 x D1110mm - 3 Bar 1000kg 15.00 POA  
W1118 X D1110mm - 3 Bar 1000kg 16.00 POA  
W1320 X D1110mm - 3 Bar 1000kg 17.00 POA  
W1320 X D1110mm - 4 Bar 1500kg 20.00 POA  
For Racking 900mm Deep   POA  
W1118 X D910mm - 3 Bar 1000kg 13.00 POA  
W1320 X D910mm - 3Bar 1000kg 14.00    
W1320 X D910mm - 4Bar 1000kg 16.00 POA  
Dividers, Snap on Type
H300 x D900mm Divider 6.50 POA  
H300 x D1100mm Divider 7.50 POA  

FROM STOCK! - Allow 7 to 10 working days for delivery.


Above prices are based on PRO-FORMA payment by BACS
(cheque, Mastercard & VISA also accepted)

Prices quoted are EX-WORKS and exclude VAT.

We can often dispatch next day - for faster delivery, please call our office!

Subject to change without notice E&OE