Compact Security MESH cages for confined areas.

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The STAK- Slide cage is a unique solution, ideal for everyday access in Lineside & Production Floor areas, where space is at a premium.
Using Sliding doors, the need for wide aisle to open hinged doors is eliminated. A simple space saving design that will keep items secure and and safely stored aeway while making access to restricted areas far easier.

Version 1 – For everyday Access. The unique solution is completely freestanding which means no fixing or modifying racking is required. keeps unauthorised personal from removing items without authorisation.

Version 2– With “No Doors”, designed for areas where infrequent access is needed, servicing etc. Each Panel is individually removable when required, with use of the unique Key. Negates need for expensive doors & locks!

For example if you have some machinery that requires maintenance or a new part to be fitted the key holder can quickly remove a panel gain access to the area and complete the task. An easy, safe and efficient way of performing maintenance tasks.

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