Lockers Guide

Robust storage lockers for schools, staff rooms, changing rooms, swimming pools, colleges and offices

Here is a basic selection guide to enable you to find what you need.

To get the best offer, please follow the guide below.



What number of compartments are needed in each locker? Standard lockers are from 1 single to 6 compartments:


What number of lockers are needed in total?


Choose the height: standard height is 1800mm.


Choose the width: from 300mm wide to 460mm wide.


Choose the depth: from 300mm deep to 460mm deep.


What is the proposed layout of the lockers? If we can supply them in ‘nests’ of 2 or 3 there will be cost savings!


What is the type of lock needed? Standard supply is with a Cam Lock, options are coin return or padlock.

Comprehensive Range of Lockers

View our comprehensive range of Lockers, suitable for all applications.