Chrome Wire Trolleys and Shelving

Commercial, Retail, Hospitality & Industrial Purposes

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Chrome Wire Shelving

High quality, high weight loading chrome shelving offers a modular and flexible shelving system, widely used in retail, kitchens and offices.

Your complete shelving solution!

NSF Approved

Fully Customisable

High Weight Loading

Easy Construction

4 Shelves as Standard

Market Leading Quality

One of the strongest, hardest wearing chrome shelves in the industry. NSF Compliant.

Load With Confidence

300kg UDL Per Shelf (Up to W1220mm).
1200KG per Static Unit.

Customisable & Modular

Easily changed, Shelving can be updated and added to, to meet your needs.
Many Applications
Use in offices, kitchens, retail, industry, line-side, hospitality, server rooms, exhibition display.

Flawless Presentation

Stunning shine for retail displays. Open-wire provides product visibility, easy cleaning and excellent air flow.

Simple & Elegant

Tool free construction with click-on accessories for many uses.

Stakrak Chrome Wire Racking & Shelving

Market Leading Shelving For Over 15 Years

Complete bays at 1625mm with 4 Posts, 4 Shelves and 4 Collar sets. Additional post heights are also available in 760, 1820 and 2130mm.

If you require specific heights, posts can be cut and customised as needed for £2.50 each. Simply order 4 posts separately, and add in your selected shelving.

Shelf collars can be placed at 25mm increments, with shelves needed at the top and bottom to reinforce stability. Additional securing may be essential for tall, narrow units.

Stakrak Wire Shelving

Largest Stock Range in Europe – Bay With Four shelves supplied as standard – Shelf Adjustable every 25mm

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Buy Chrome Wire Shelving

Start with the standard complete bay at 1625mm height with 4 Posts, 4 Shelves and 4 Collar sets. Customise height, width and depth and add extra shelves.


Chrome Shelving for Fridges, Food Storage

We also offer shelving for specialist applications such as food storage in fridges, freezers and kitchens as our ColdRoom+ range. These are specially designed to be rust resistant in a cool, damp environment where airflow is required.

ColdRoom+ Range

For food storage in fridges, freezers and kitchens.

Not all chrome is the same!

Many of our customers come to us having been let down by other, inferior, chrome shelving products. Whilst some chrome on the market may look the same, the quality and strength can be considerably different.

A higher specification of materials is used to achieve the stronger shelf loadings that we offer.

There is a 5.8mm thick outer wire structure to the shelves, with 4.3mm cross wires and shelf matt constructed of 3.3mm thick wires.

Manufacturing process

Mild steel is washed and treated, then plated with nickel.

A second plating of nickel substrate is applied for reduced corrosion, and finally a chrome plating, before being polished to a smooth high shine finish.

The process is applied to shelves and posts.

Customise Your Shelving

Mobile Chrome Wire Shelving

We also offer trolleys and mobile chrome units, ideal for keeping stock display units mobile, or creating mobile work stations e.g. Printing stations.

Other applications include making work units accessible but hidden under benches through castors and custom post heights.


Our shelving is also available with castors (wheels) in 75, 100 or 120mm sizes. These each have unique loading capacities which can be seen in the table below.

Mobile Cages

If you are looking for a mobile security cage, please see here for our range.

Posts and Castors

Posts (Single)

  Size mm Ref No
One Piece 150 PECCO6
One Piece 610 PECC24
One Piece 760 PECC30
One Piece 1625 PECC64
One Piece 1820 PECC72
One Piece 2130 PECC84
Size mm
One Piece 150
One Piece 610
One Piece 760
One Piece 1625
One Piece 1820
One Piece 2130
Ref No
One Piece PECCO6
One Piece PECC24
One Piece PECC30
One Piece PECC64
One Piece PECC72
One Piece PECC84
  Castor Weight Capacity Total Unit Capacity Ref
75mm Set 70kg 210kg R75 SET
75mm Set- ESD 70kg 210kg R75 SET-ESD
100mm Set 80kg 240kg R100 SET
100mm Set-ESD 80kg 240kg R100SET-ESD
120mm Set 100kg 300kg R120 SET
120mm Set-ESD 100kg 300kg R120SET-ESD
Castor Weight Capacity
75mm Set 70kg
75mm Set- ESD 70kg
100mm Set 80kg
100mm Set-ESD 80kg
120mm Set 100kg
120mm Set-ESD 100kg
Total Unit Capacity
75mm Set 210kg
75mm Set- ESD 210kg
100mm Set 240kg
100mm Set-ESD 240kg
120mm Set 300kg
120mm Set-ESD 300kg
75mm Set R75 SET
75mm Set- ESD R75 SET-ESD
100mm Set R100 SET
100mm Set-ESD R100SET-ESD
120mm Set R120 SET
120mm Set-ESD R120SET-ESD

Castor Heights

Castor Height Housing Height Total Additional Height
75mm 25mm 100mm*
100mm 30mm 130mm*
120mm 35mm 155mm*

*This is the total additional height that castors will add.

E.g A 1625mm High unit, with a 120mm castor set will have a total height of 1780mm (1625mm + 155mm).

Mobile Sloped Shelf Display Trolley

Unit Height: 1725mm
Castors: 75mm, 2 Braked
Shelves: 4 x Sloped
Posts: 4

  Sizes (D x L) Standard Ref Extra Shelf Ref
27 Degree 460 x 915mm (18 x 36 inches) ESLD1836/27 SLT1836/27
27 Degree 460 x 1220mm (18 x 48 inches) ESLD1848/27 SLT1848/27
45 Degree 460 x 915mm (18 x 36 inches) ESLD1836/45 SLT1836/45
45 Degree 460 x 1220mm (18 x 48 inches) ESLD1848/45 SLT1848/45
Sizes (D x L)
27 Degree 460 x 915mm (18 x 36 inches)
27 Degree 460 x 1220mm (18 x 48 inches)
45 Degree 460 x 915mm (18 x 36 inches)
45 Degree 460 x 1220mm (18 x 48 inches)
Standard Ref
27 Degree ESLD1836/27
27 Degree ESLD1848/27
45 Degree ESLD1836/45
45 Degree ESLD1848/45
Extra Shelf Ref
27 Degree SLT1836/27
27 Degree SLT1848/27
45 Degree SLT1836/45
45 Degree SLT1848/45

Shelf Options

All shelves are supplied complete with a set of shelf collars to clip to posts. All shelves are adjustable every 25mm.

The strength in our wire shelving range is its versatility. With so many accessories available, it can be customised to any application.

Corner Shelf

We offer several types of corner shelf:

  • Triangle
  • Fan
  • Half Moon
  • Corner shelves offer an affordable away to create multi-layered displays for retail units.

The Half Moon shelf can extend the space of the unit externally, providing additional levels for smaller items.

If you require smaller units, we are able to construct units with whichever combination of posts and shelves you require.

For example, if you require a corner unit, we are able to supply just 3 posts and several corner shelves.

Full Width Basket Shelves

  • 27 Degree Sloping Shelf
  • 45 Degree Sloping Shelf
  • 27 Degree Sloping Basket Shelf
  • Basket Shelf: 90mm High
  • Basket shelves are ideal for displaying key, leading products on a retail display.

These are most commonly used for:

  • Magazine and book display
  • Retail display e.g crisps and sweets
  • Mobile picking stations

Other Shelving

  • Wine Shelf
  • Cantilever Shelf
  • Lipped Shelf with 25mm Perimeter Lip
  • End Shelf

Thanks to a high weight loading, our shelving is excellent for storage in restaurants where both strength for bottle storage, and attractive finish is required.

The Perimeter Lipped shelf prevents objects from being easily knocked off the edge.

Cantilever shelves only have 2 post holes. These are used for creating smaller layers on stand-alone shelving units, or for creating wall-mounted shelving where floor space is restricted.

Larger, non-standard wine and basket shelving units are available. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Custom Sizes – Cut Post Heights

We can adjust post heights to suit any specific requirements. Please fill out our inquiry form to ensure we have all the information required.

To cut post heights to a specific size – add £2.50 per post. £10.00 per bay

Cantilever Wall Shelving

The perfect solution for creating additional storage space where strength is required.


2 x 610mm posts
2 wall fixing brackets
Required number of shelves
2 support arms for each shelf level.

  1 Shelf Level Ref 2 Shelf Level Ref
305 x 760 CW30076/1 CW30076/2
305 x 915 CW30091/1 CW30091/2
305 x 1220 CW30122/1 CW30122/2
355 x 760 CW35076/1 CW35076/2
355 x 915 CW35091/1 CW35091/2
355 x 1220 CW35121/1 CW35121/2
460 x 760 CW46076/1 CW46076/2
460 x 915 CW46091/1 CW46091/2
460 x 1220 CW46122/1 CW46122/2
1 Shelf Level Ref
305 x 760 CW30076/1
305 x 915 CW30091/1
305 x 1220 CW30122/1
355 x 760 CW35076/1
355 x 915 CW35091/1
355 x 1220 CW35121/1
460 x 760 CW46076/1
460 x 915 CW46091/1
460 x 1220 CW46122/1
2 Shelf Level Ref
305 x 760 CW30076/2
305 x 915 CW30091/2
305 x 1220 CW30122/2
355 x 760 CW35076/2
355 x 915 CW35091/2
355 x 1220 CW35121/2
460 x 760 CW46076/2
460 x 915 CW46091/2
460 x 1220 CW46122/2
Chrome Wire Range - Chrome Cantilever shelvinglrg

For further information on our wall shelving prices, please click here.

Please contact our sales team for more information on the various configurations available for cantilever shelving.

Wall Shelving


A wide range of accessories means our shelving can be customised whatever you require. Most accessories are self explanatory, but if you have specific requirements please contact us or see below.

Most of our accessories can simply be clipped on by hand, providing additional functionality with ease and speed.

Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) Shelf Collars
Our conductive shelf collars provide protection against static discharge – the ideal solution for storage of computer or sensitive electronic equipment.

The wide range of accessories available make customising your shelving extremely easy.

Examples of previous applications:

  • Trolleys for Kitchens
    • Basket Trays, Castors
    • Posts cut to height
  • Picking Bin Units
    • Sloping basket tray shelves
  • Office Storage
    • Standard height units and shelves
    • Dividers, ledges and mesh backs
  • Computer Equipment Storage
    • Standard units can be fitted with ESD Collar fittings.

This is all using the same modular system.

If you have a specific application, please contact us and we will advise on the most expedient and cost effective way to achieve this.

Installation Gallery

Our breadth of experience allows us to assist with many storage solutions.

We are able to offer bespoke solutions to a variety of applications – from industrial to retail to offices – we can help!

How to install Chrome Shelving:

Installation Instructions

Our shelving is very easy to construct. With two people, assembly takes just 15 minutes.
Attach the collars to the bottom of the posts, and feed the posts through the shelf corners onto the collars. Using a rubber mallet, knock the shelves gently into position.
Repeat this process for all of the shelves. Each shelf can be placed at 25mm increments.
Most attachments can be clipped onto the shelves by hand.
Heights on each post can be adjusted at the base.
To ensure the unit is level, each post comes with fully adjustable feet.
Base plates are also available if the unit needs to be secured to the ground.

What is NSF Accreditation?

The NSF (formerly the National Sanitation Foundation) is an organisation that seeks to improve global health through product testing, inspection and certification. By gaining NSF accreditation, it assures users that products comply with specific standards for safety, quality and performance.

Choosing a product certified by NSF means the product complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product’s development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn certification.

NSF certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions, including product recall, public notification or de-certification.

Independent, third-party testing and certification through NSF helps organizations:

  • Demonstrate compliance with national or international standards and regulations
  • Demonstrate independent validation and verification of their commitment to safety and quality
  • Increase credibility and acceptance with retailers, consumers and regulators
  • Benefit from enhanced product quality and safety