Stak-Safe Anti Collapse Mesh

Strong protective mesh

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Stak-Safe anti-collapse mesh is the industry leading bespoke mesh solution for ensuring a safe warehouse.

Stak-Safe prevents spillage from pallets causing damage to stock and personnel injury.

Anti collapse mesh is secured to to the rear of racking in a strong brickwork pattern using brackets and bolted together to provide the perfect height and width.

End panels are cut to size, profiled, and finished to ensure perfect installation.

Our mesh can withstand up to 2500J of impact energy – equivalent to a 160kg object travelling at 20km/h.

Due to the modular design, this system is extremely versatile and customisable, and provides a cost effective solution to achieving warehouse safety and security.


High Impact Resistance

Cost Effective

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Stand off Brackets

Stand off Brackets provide distance between pallet racking and the security mesh. They are available in sizes:

Pre-Galvanised Stand off Bracket (mm)
50 100 150 200 250 300


Large Stand Off Bracket

3mm thick powder coated steel – RAL7037. Ideal for applications where large stand-off and high security is required. These brackets are available with 150 and 210mm stand off.

Standard Stand Off Bracket

Made of 3mm steel, this bracket attaches to rack to provide protection in event of accident. Available in stand off dimension between 50 and 300mm, with secure bolted bracket.

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Installation Service

Stakrak offers a competitive nationwide installation service by professional and fully CSCS trained teams with many years of experience.

If you require we are happy to arrange an installation service, provided as a seperate cost. Please contact us for quote.

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