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Epoxy Coated Solid Shelving



£390.00 - £556.80 Inc. VAT

Complete bay at 1700mm height with 4 posts, 4 shelves and 4 collar sets.


Starter bays consist of 4 posts, 4 shelves and all other necessary fixings. Supplied on adjustable feet as standard, castors available if required.

Extremely versatile solid shelving system suitable for general storage. Made from 304-grade stainless steel throughout to give excellent corrosion resistance and be very hygienic. Ideally suited for catering storage and medical shelving applications due to the easy-clean channel design.

The hard-wearing 304 stainless steel is ideally suited for general storage and provides superb corrosion resistance.

A wide range of accessories enables this system to be configured in a variety of different ways. Bays can be made mobile by adding castors, guard rails can be added to ensure that items do not fall off, dividers installed to separate products, etc.

  • All weight loadings assume even load distribution across the shelf and are based on a 5% deflection of the centre of the shelf
  • Maximum weight loading per bay is 800Kgs for a static bay, assuming bottom shelf is 70mm from the floor
  • For mobile bays on standard castors the maximum weight loading is 240Kgs assuming a 3 point load and 80Kg per castor
  • All shelf dimensions are shown as Nominal Width and Lengths, for actual widths subtract 9mm and for actual length subtract 34mm


General catering storage, Dry storage, Medical storage……………

Widths Available:

  • 300mm
  • 400mm
  • 450mm
  • 500mm
  • 600mm

Lengths Available:

  • 600mm
  • 800mm
  • 900mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1100mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1300mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm

Weight Loadings:

  • Up to 900mm – 150Kgs per shelf
  • 1000mm – 140Kgs per shelf
  • 1100mm – 135Kgs per shelf
  • 1200mm – 110Kgs per shelf
  • 1300mm – 100Kgs per shelf
  • 1500mm – 90Kgs per shelf
  • 1800mm – 75Kgs per shelf

Post Options:

1700mm as standard (other heights available) Stainless steel Post also available


Standard supply Bolt foot, (Glide Feet and castors also available).


Cleaning should be undertaken using general purpose cleaning agents and may be pressure washed or steam cleaned. Castors may not be power washed or steam cleaned. Always read the label of the detergents to verify suitability with the product finish

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H1700 x W1200 x D450mm, H1700 x W1200 x D600mm, H1700 x W1500 x D450mm, H1700 x W1500 x D600mm, H1700 x W900 x D450mm, H1700 x W900 x D600mm