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Mesh Bookcase Lockers
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Mesh Bookcase Lockers make an excellent choice for any application. Lockers can be designed and manufactured to size,with multi compartments.They are highly suitable for storing a number of items easily keeping workplaces clean and tidy. They have many applications and can be used in almost any environment making them extremely flexible.You can also make them to fit into existing spaces without the expense of additional building works.

One important factor is that they can be manufactured with or without doors in a single, or nest of lockers. So if required they would be highly suitable for keeping personal belongings secure.  Some examples they can be found in are,building sites, offices, schools, manufacturing premises, sports halls, but of course there are many more.

Mesh Bookcase Lockers

They are also available in many colours and coatings, such as BZP, Epoxy Powder Coated, and JS500 which is a coating to give a more resistance to damp.

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