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TS Longspan Shelving

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The ideal solution for storing hand loaded goods that are long, bulky or awkward. The system offers strength, flexibility and a wide range of sizes to suit all types of applications.

  • Simple to install, yet incredibly strong and versatile
  • Heavy duty beam using a “Z” profile design
  • Frames can take up to 5000kgs
  • Beams can hold up to 1200kgs per pair
  • Wide range of sizes and components held in stock
  • Standard sizes are ex-stock and delivered in 5 days



  • TS Longspan racking for heavy hand loaded items
  • System can be added to as your needs grow
  • Heavy duty ‘Z’ beams support up to 1200kgs UDL
  • Levels can be adjusted every 50.8mm (2”)


Beam Shelf Levels – Chipboard Decks:
Including chipboard decking, deck supports and safety pins. 457mm have no deck supports, all other sizes have three supports per level.